March 7, 2013

Android is a Leader in Malware

Android is a leader … in malware.

Android malware growth in 2012

Per F-Secure’s mobile threat report

Android is the most unsafe of all mobile platforms – iOS, WP8, BlackBerry etc. Android has the most amount of malware targeting it and the platform most in need of anti-malware software (such as F-Secure).

F-Secure’s report also provides details of each Android malware e.g. 
Stokx.A connects to a remote server and receives an XML file. The file contains details such as client ID, phone number that it will send SMS messages to, and URL for downloading additional APKs.

The malware will forward the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number to the remote server, and sends out an SMS message with the content “SX357242043237517” to the number 13810845191.

The top 30 Android malware can be seen in the list below.

Top 30 Malware on Android

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