March 10, 2013

Doctors: Don’t Ask Us for Your EHR

Doctors: Don’t ask us for your EHR.
Arstechnica in doctors are not fans of transparency - 
A survey of 3,700 doctors in eight countries revealed that only 31 percent believe that patients should have full access to their own medical records via electronic means. That's less than one in 3.
Not surprising. You see this with doctors every day.

What is coming for doctors and hospitals - 
In the end, the age of the godly doctor and the supplicant patient is coming to an end. It will likely take decades, but I wouldn't be surprised in my lifetime to see some iterative version of IBM's Watson occupying a corner of everyone's home, diagnosing and potentially treating a huge range of maladies. Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and the Internet (to just mention 3 major vectors) will converge to transform medical care and alter the meaning of what it is to be a doctor. Full and complete access to one's own medical history is a prerequisite to this progress, and doctors who stand opposed to it are ultimately standing in the way of progress.
A complete transformation of the medical system is needed and is coming. Those medical professionals who embrace it will survive, others unknown.

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