March 13, 2013

Google Reader End of Life, No Good Alternatives

Google just announced the end of life for Google Reader – July 1 2013.

Google’s suggestion is to use Google Takeout to download any data that you may care about.
(both links lead to Takeout)

It was not unexpected.

Google has not updated Reader for a long time. It has the same simplistic interface that was probably there at the beginning. Nonetheless, it was quite a useful tool.

And, surprisingly, there are no good Google Reader alternatives yet – alternatives that are simple, fast and can deliver a volume of information quickly. The new readers - Taptu, Pulse, Flipboard etc – are more focused on displaying photos, media (making the feed look pretty) rather than actual information delivery.

And, if you are thinking Twitter, Twitter is not a Google Reader alternative it serves a different function.

A new reader needs to also focus on performance – enabling a user to absorb lots of new information quickly.

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