March 3, 2013

Myriad Genetics Ad for its Cancer Tests, Hereditary Cancer Quiz

Myriad Genetics ad for its cancer tests - hereditary cancer quiz.

Myriad’s day job is defending and enforcing its patents for BRCA1 and BRCA2.

With ads targeting consumers, Myriad Genetics is also looking for more customers for its cancer tests – BRACAnalysis, Colaris, Prolaris, Melaris.

The terms of the hereditary cancer quiz. Does it mean your test information has potential for misuse? 
MGL will attempt to send your Results to the healthcare provider that provided the Link to the Hereditary Cancer Quiz. You agree and authorize MGL to do so. The healthcare provider that provided the Link to you provided an email address to us. MGL will make reasonable efforts to forward your Results to the email address provided by the healthcare provider.

Because the email address is given to us by your healthcare provider, we cannot ensure the accuracy of this information. As such, it is possible that your results could be sent to an individual besides your healthcare provider. Although we may require that doctors agree to provide an email address that is only accessible by authorized individuals, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality or privacy of the information that is sent (See “Limited obligations/liability” below).

Also, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your doctor receives your Results. For many reasons, an email may not reach or be opened by its intended recipient; therefore we cannot guarantee that your doctor will receive your Results by email. Follow up with your doctor soon after sending your Results (See “Limited obligations/liability” below).

Finally, because the Link is specific to a particular healthcare provider in the context of a patient relationship, you agree to not forward the Link to anyone else. A generic Hereditary Cancer Quiz (that does not forward Results) may be found at:

Other similar ads for genetic tests, from 23andMe.

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