March 20, 2013

Perforene, The Perfect Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Lockheed Martin’s Perforene reverse osmosis filter for water filtration.

Image: Nature

Perforene is Lockheed’s brand name for a graphene reverse osmosis water filter – a graphene sheet with nanometer-sized holes.

The size of a water molecule is about 0.28 nm. The nanometer holes will let the water molecules pass through easily while blocking the much larger molecules of salt and other impurities.

Perforene filters are estimated to improve water filtration efficiency by 100x and will be built to replace the current reverse osmosis filters.

Per Lockheed 
The Perforene membrane was developed by placing holes that are one nanometer or less in a graphene membrane. These holes are small enough to trap the ions while dramatically improving the flow-through of water molecules, reducing clogging and pressure on the membrane.
At only one atom thick, graphene is both strong and durable, making it more effective at sea water desalination at a fraction of the cost of industry-standard reverse osmosis systems. 
Now the wait for Lockheed (and others) to perfect the manufacturing process so it can be built in large volumes.

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