March 5, 2013

Piedmont’s Automated License Plate Readers

Piedmont California’s automated license plate readers.

If you travel in and out of Piedmont, soon, your car license plate will be captured and verified. The record of your Piedmont visit will be kept for upto 1 year.

But if the local police chief has her way, Piedmont will become even more unique. The chief is pushing for Piedmont to become one of the few cities in America to install automatic license plate readers (LPR) at its city borders—in this case, they would be mounted above each of the 30 roads leading into town. If successful, Piedmont would be the second wealthy Bay Area community with such a system. (Tiburon, in nearby Marin County, approved LPRs more than three years ago for the only two roads leading in and out of town. Sugar Land, Texas, approved similar measures for its municipal borders in November 2012.)
the scanners can read 60 license plates per second, then match observed plates against a "hot list" of wanted vehicles, stolen cars, or criminal suspects.
The automated license plate readers are from 3M’s PIPS subsidiary - an overview video of their use in Long Beach.

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