March 25, 2013

Post Around 8:20, Anti-Apple Marketing in China

Post around 8:20, Anti-Apple marketing in China.

Gordon Chang in Forbes on how anti-Apple marketing works in China. Peter Ho, a Samsung Galaxy spokesman, posted the following on Weibo. 
#315isLive# Actually, Apple has so many tricks in its after-sales services.  As an Apple fan, I’m hurt. Have you done right by your founder Jobs? Have you done right by the young people who sold their kidneys?  It’s really true that big stores bully customers. Post around 8:20.
Someone coaching him to post such messages? 
“Post around 8:20”?  Ho had goofed.  The movie star uploaded not only his sharply critical posting at 8:26 P.M., but he also posted the instructions he received from some other party.  He is a Samsung Galaxy spokesman, but no one is fingering the Korean brand as the culprit.
Not surprising.


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