March 11, 2013

Switching Back from Chrome to Firefox

Switching back from Chrome to Firefox.

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Google Chrome’s tagline is no longer true. Chrome is now a slow, buggy browser.

Cameron Paul on switching back from Chrome to Firefox. 
Now it’s five years later and things aren’t so great. More than ever I’m having issues with general slowness in the browser. Memory usage is off the charts and I frequently have tabs become completely unresponsive. Moreover there seems to be a general lack of QA these days. The “disable cache” checkbox in the developer tools seems to do nothing and JavaScript errors occasionally disappear into the void instead of logging to the console. Chrome is starting to feel a lot like Firefox did in 2008.
He is exactly right.

Chrome used to deliver the best browser experience in the 2010 timeframe.

In the last few months, Chrome’s quality has been going down consistently. Chrome has become slow, hogs the system memory, processes are kept running even after closing all browser windows, horrible experience with Flash (with or without Flash-enabled) and generally unstable behavior.

Google does not seem to do proper QA before pushing out Chrome releases. On top of all this, Google Omaha autoupdater keeps trying to push new releases at the worst time – with no permission from the user.

Google needs to fix these Chrome issues properly. Otherwise, at this rate, Google Chrome will become like Internet Explorer of a few years back.

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