April 1, 2013

ARA E-UGS, Intrusion Detection Sensors

ARA Force Protection E-UGS sensors provide a physical intrusion detection system for site security.

If you want to protect a site physically and want to get an alert if someone (people, vehicles, animals?) crossed a perimeter around the site then you may want to take a look at E-UGS intrusion sensors.

E-UGS, expendable unattended ground sensors, are seismic sensors that are placed in a perimeter around the site to be protected. When an alarm is triggered at a sensor, the GPS location of the intrusion can be seen on a map in real-time.

While motion sensors and sound sensors are now standard in most IP cameras, the cameras require power and a network connection and cannot be placed in rough locations. That is the key value of the E-UGS.

The E-UGS are buried in the ground and are self-contained. They do not need a power connection or a wired network connection and can operate upto 6 months unattended.

The E-UGS sensors were previously sold only to the military but ARA is now offering them for commercial security uses also (see above).

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