April 29, 2013

AT&T Digital Life or Xfinity Home? Home Security, Home Automation, Video Security

If you are looking for monitored home security, which service should you pick, AT&T Digital Life or Xfinity Home?

AT&T Digital Life Indoor Camera

Chances are you already get Internet, wireless, TV service from AT&T or Comcast. If so, expect them to make a major push to convert you to their home security service. Here are a few pointers to help you decide between Xfinity Home and Digital Life.

To start, take a look at Xfinity Home Review and AT&T Digital Life Review to learn more about these services.

While Xfinity Home is widely available, Digital Life is currently available in only a few cities.

Comcast Xfinity Home Costs
Xfinity Home costs $40/month with a 3-year term.

For an additional $5/month, Comcast can monitor your security cameras remotely (do you want Comcast watching the inside of your home?) or you can do it yourself for free.

Other than the sensors included with the basic package – door sensor, window sensor, motion sensor - you’ll pay more for add-ons such as video cameras, smoke sensor, carbon mono-oxide sensor, glassbreak sensor, water sensor etc.

And, you’ll pay for installation.

A tidy sum.

AT&T Digital Life Costs
Digital Life costs $40/month for a 2-year term + a one-time $250 fee for starting the service.

Add more for each of the following
  • 3 water sensors
    • $5/month + $50 one-time fee.
  • Remotely controlling one thermostat and two light plugs
    • $5/month + $200 one-time fee.
  • Remotely controlling one door lock
    • $5/month + $100 one-time fee
  • Two IP cameras – 1 indoor, 1 outdoor
    • $10/mo + $200 one-time fee

A tidy sum again.

Anything more beyond the standard package will cost more.
And, remember the contract terms for both Xfinity Home and Digital Life - early-termination-fees apply.

Technology Used
Xfinity Home uses iControl software, zigbee devices (for home automation), Centralite lighting modules and Sercomm IP cameras.

AT&T Digital Life uses z-wave devices (for home automation), Cisco control panel (WiFi, 3G access) and Cisco software.

Pointers to each are available at their respective review pages (links above).

The Good
Xfinity Home and Digital Life provide a basic home security, home automation package which should serve the basic needs of most people.

The Bad
You are locked into a contract with early termination fees. If you plan to use the service for a long time, this may not be an issue.

Each vendor prefers that you use their Internet service. This also brings back the earlier point that if you have Internet service from Comcast or AT&T, you are likely to pick them as your home security provider also.

Comcast Internet speeds are usually much faster than AT&T. For data intensive features such as viewing IP cameras remotely, Xfinity Home will provide a much better experience than AT&T.

So, which one would it be Xfinity Home or Digital Life?

If you have Internet service from Comcast, chances are you’d pick Xfinity Home.
Similarly, if you have Internet service from AT&T, chances are you’d pick Digital Life.

If neither of these apply to you, there are a lot of other choices available for home security, home automation such as

And more.

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