April 9, 2013

Bitcoin 214 USD, How to Get Bitcoins

Bitcoin 214 USD at MtGox.

And Bitcoin price in charts.

Bitcoin has doubled in price in a few weeks. It may be totally speculative or driven by fundamentals but here are some of the options to get Bitcoins or trade in Bitcoins.

MtGox, to exchange Bitcoins with your local currency e.g. USD.

You can trade Bitcoin Futures at Bitcoin derivatives exchanges such as ICBit.

And you can invest $2,500 in Bitcoin mining hardware to mine for more Bitcoins.

A 50 GH/s hardware miner will give you 0.08% of current Bitcoin mining speeds. Still small compared to the overall mining speeds but gives you decent chances to get more Bitcoins.

Software miners will be much slower than a hardware miner.

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