April 10, 2013

Chrome Loading Bug, 100% CPU Load

Google Chrome “Loading …” bug occupies the cpu 100% and hangs.

As Chrome is iterating faster with what seems like releases every week, the Chrome releases are also getting buggier. Chrome never seems stable and fast like it used to be before

Each Chrome release seems to have some major bug that kills the user experience. There is the perennial Chrome autoupdater issue that never seems to get fixed. Then there was the Chrome Flash issue and the Chrome is slow issue.

Add Chrome Loading issue to this list that hangs the computer.

Try to disable an extension in Chrome Chrome 27.0.1453.15 beta-m.
Tools > Extensions or chrome://extensions

And Chrome hangs. It occupies the cpu 100% as shown below. The message displayed “Loading …” as shown above.

The only fix for the bug seems to be – kill all chrome.exe processes, wait for some time and then open Chrome again.

Google really needs to do more testing before releasing Chrome. Forcing frequent untested releases on users (with no value) makes for a bad user experience.

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