April 23, 2013

Facebook Home Falls Like Facebook Poke

Facebook Home falls like Facebook Poke.

Facebook Home seems to be following Facebook Poke in dwindling user interest.

After a strong start (due to lots of marketing), Facebook Home has fallen to # 120 on top free apps in Google Play per AppAnnie.

Facebook Poke, similarly, had a strong start but now has completely disappeared from the top rankings.

Seeking Alpha on Facebook Home 
Facebook Home has not been a success so far. Poor phone sales and sluggish downloads indicate limited interest in the concept, while the negative reviews suggest that many of those who were interested enough to download it have a low satisfaction rate with it. Facebook Home does not appear to be the answer to Facebook's mobile monetization challenges.
Meanwhile, the Facebook Home team shows how to praise the boss 
On the contrary, this was a project with a strong vision put forth by Mark to “make the content that people want to see—new messages and notifications and updates about the people around you—as accessible as possible.” Eventually, this came to mean “a news feed-like experience on the lock screen” and “the lock screen and the home screen are one and the same.”
But it was Mark’s vision that laid the groundwork, that pushed the team to achieve what at first seemed an unlikely and somewhat audacious task.

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