April 6, 2013

Hardware Bitcoin Miner, Mining at 50 GH per sec

After Cyprus bank event, there is a surge in search for “safe” money and a spike in Bitcoin to USD rates. If this recent spike has made you curious about Bitcoins, perhaps wanting to mine your own Bitcoins, then take a look at Butterfly Labs’ hardware Bitcoin miner.

Bitforce 50 GH/s Bitcoin miner for $2,500

Bitforce, the hardware Bitcoin miner running at 50 GH/s will give you a significant edge over software mining on your computer. 

Bitforce attaches to the computer via USB. Multiple Bitforce’s can be attached to accelerate the mining speeds. Per Butterfly Labs, it will start shipping the hardware at the end of Apr-2013.

As a comparison, the Bitcoin network computations are currently at about 60,000 GH/s, so a single Bitforce will give you about 0.08% of the total computation speed.

BitCoin Computation Speed via bitcoin.sepa.be


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