April 8, 2013

How to Reduce High Cholesterol with Diet Changes

Are you concerned about what is causing your high cholesterol? This may be one of the reasons.

WellnessFX is a service that monitors your blood periodically and suggests diet and lifestyle changes based on the results.

Drina Boban at WellnessFX shares her story on how she reduced her high cholesterol.

Drina, a former triathelete and very active person who eats properly expected that her WellnessFX blood test results would be all normal. Instead, the tests showed she had high cholesterol.

She also had a wheat allergy and the doctor suspected that it was causing the high cholesterol.

When Drina went off wheat for 6 months, her cholesterol dropped from 239 to 175. 
How exactly, then, did Drina’s wheat allergy lead to her high cholesterol readings? It’s actually quite straightforward: Drina is allergic to wheat. Drina ingests wheat. Wheat causes inflammation in Drina’s gut, which leads to systemic (whole-body) inflammation. Cholesterol rises in response to that inflammation.
For those allergic to wheat – wheat may be the cause of your high cholesterol.

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