April 17, 2013

Making of Juxtapid, The $295,000 HoFH Drug

Making of Juxtapid, The $295,000 HoFH drug.

Juxtapid is a treatment for HoFH patients who are susceptible to fatal hear attacks before age 20. Juxtapid is part of the $200,000+ drugs club; it costs $295,000 per patient. There are expected to be 767 patients n Juxtapid by 2015.

A history of how Juxtapid was developed.

Matthew Herper in Forbes 
At Bristol Gregg had realized that a protein called the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) had gone defective in his old patients, and he set out to come up with a drug that blocked it in heart disease patients. The idea was that it would lower cholesterol enough to prevent heart attacks in otherwise healthy people without doing harm. Rader signed up to run an early clinical trial of the drug, which would eventually become Juxtapid.

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