April 5, 2013

Microsoft: Use Windows Phone not Facebook Home

Microsoft: Use Windows Phone not Facebook Home.

Microsoft: We launched Facebook Home like features 2-years ago in Windows Phone. 
I tuned into the coverage of the Facebook Home event yesterday and actually had to check my calendar a few times.

Because the content of the presentation was remarkably similar to the launch event we did for Windows Phone two years ago.
Millions of Windows Phone owners have already discovered how great a phone can be when it’s designed this way, and they aren’t shy about telling their friends. Naturally, some of those friends have been pretty frustrated that they haven’t been able to get a “People First” experience on their devices.

So, we understand why Facebook would want to find a way to bring similar functionality to a platform that is sadly lacking it.
With features appealing to only a tiny percentage of users, Facebook Home is likely to get the same success ad Windows Phone in the market.


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