April 19, 2013

Microwave Tower Speeding Up HFT Trades

The microwave tower speeding up HFT trades.

Microwave tower, blue skies

McKay Brothers provides low latency wireless networks for HFT trading. They term it as “faster than fiber” and describe it as 
Today, we are revisiting an old technology, microwave transmission, to connect Chicago and New York at speeds faster than fiber optic transmission will ever be able to deliver.

This technology is emerging just two years after Spread Networks is reported to have spent 300 million dollars developing a low latency fiber optic connection between Chicago and New York. Spread’s fiber connection will soon be much slower than routes available by microwave.
Other low latency networks between Chicago and New York include Thesys Microwave by Tradworx.

Microwave tower, cloudy skies

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