April 4, 2013

Rackspace Sues Parallel Iron and IPNav

Rackspace countersues Parallel Iron and IPNav who claim to be a white-hat patent assertion entity.

Rackspace takes a stand against patent abuses 
Today we drove a stake into the ground in our dogged fight against patent trolls – we sued one of the most notorious patent trolls in America.

Patent trolls like IP Nav are a serious threat to business and to innovation. Patent trolls brazenly use questionable tactics to force settlements from legitimate businesses that are merely using computers and software as they are intended. These defendants, including most of America’s most innovative companies, are not copying patents or stealing from the patent holders. They often have no knowledge of these patents until they are served with a lawsuit. This is unjust.

The entities exploit the broken patent system and said to have cost the economy $29 B in 2011. The large potential payday continue to attract more and more patent abuses.

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