April 6, 2013

Skype’s Bitcoin Mining Malware

A Bitcoin mining malware delivered via Skype.

When you click on a link in Skype, it downloads the malware on your computer. The main function of the malware – Bitcoin mining.

The malware will max out the PC’s cpu as shown above.

Skype itself saturates the cpu sometimes but that is another story.

Kaspersky has details of the malware 
The initial dropper is downloaded from a server located in India. The detection rate on VirusTotal is low. Once the machine is infected it drops to the system many other pieces of malware. Downloads come from the Hotfile.com service. At the same time the malware connects to its C2 server located in Germany.

The initial dropper is detected by Kaspersky as Trojan.Win32.Jorik.IRCbot.xkt.
Kaspersky also has details of other Skype malware links.

To stay safe - do not click on unknown links in Skype, Twitter or anywhere else especially shortened links e.g. bit.ly, goo.gl etc.

As the Bitcoin to USD goes up, there is more interest in Bitcoins. One option is to use a hardware Bitcoin miner that will mine at much faster rates than running software.


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