April 18, 2013

Supercell, A $2.4m per day Game Machine

Supercell, a $2.4m per day and growing game machine.

Net profits of 58%.


All this with only a 100-person team.

Karsten Strauss (Forbes) on Supercell 
The growth curve steepens: With daily revenue now at $2.4 million, Supercell is already at a run-rate of more than $800 million for 2013 and could reach $1 billion. That would make it more than twice the size of Electronic Arts’ mobile games division, which has 900-plus iOS apps. Supercell now attracts 8.5 million daily players who play an average of ten times per day.
And Index Ventures, an investor 
Clash of Clans and Hay Day -- which are top grossing games in 122 and 78 countries respectively -- were built and launched in six months by teams of five and six people respectively. Keeping development cycles short means faster release cycles and happier, more engaged users. It also forces the teams to focus on the most important aspect of any game-- game play. This is in striking contrast to the AAA console industry which appears to have largely forgotten the value of great game play, devoting massive resources and Hollywood-class budgets to games with immersive, cinematic production values.