April 21, 2013

Yahoo Weather App Review, Beautiful

A beautiful weather app from Yahoo.

Yahoo weather app formula –

Current weather + nice Flickr photo from the location = Yahoo weather app.

And the formula works. Weather finally looks beautiful on the Internet.

The Yahoo weather app is a major improvement from the default iOS weather app. Yahoo has also taken care not to clutter the weather app. The results are a nice, clean interface.

A Caveat
Random beautiful Flickr photos are shown from the location which have little connection to the current weather. In this context, Yahoo’s approach is somewhat like Bing’s home page photos.

A nice weather app from Yahoo and it is sure to get used a lot.

An alternative to Yahoo Weather App includes Forecast.io, another beautiful weather app. But Forecast’s beauty comes in how it delivers the core weather data rather than in photos.

It is exciting to finally see some nice weather apps coming up.

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