May 7, 2013

Avalon 60 GH per sec Bitcoin Miner

Avalon, a 60 GH/s Bitcoin miner.

Avalon 3 uses three 20 GH/s Bitcoin mining modules as shown above.

Avalon Bitcoin miner price            72.36 Bitcoins

Avalon Bitcoin miner specs

  • hashrate: greater than 63 Gh/s speed guaranteed.
  • power consumption: ~ 600w @ 120v AC
  • contains three hashing modules 20 Gh/s greater each.
  • with one more empty expansion slots, 4 slots total.
  • uses standard computer ATX power supply.
  • self contained unit with Ethernet and WiFi capabilities.
  • open sourced openWRT operating system with webGUI.
  • note: Avalon ASIC is designed to only mine Bitcoins.

Avalon is an alternative to Bitforce, 50 GH/s Bitcoin miner.
For comparison, the total Bitcoin network hashing rate is about 80,000 GH/s today.

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