May 9, 2013

Compare Hospital Charges Across 3000 Hospitals

Which hospital is the least expensive for a procedure?  Here, compare hospital charges for 3,000 hospitals to find the best one for a procedure.

Full data at Medicare charge data

What is the hospital charge for a procedure?  

It is often difficult to find the cost of a medical procedure until you get the bill. One way to find what a hospital charges for a procedure is to ask for their hospital chargemaster. Although California hospital chargemaster data is available online, it is difficult to get all hospitals to share this information. lists Medicare charge data for 100 procedures across 3,000 hospitals – it is 2011 data. The full data can be downloaded in excel format from the link.

Although you are unlikely to get the same rates as Medicare does, the data can give you a reference on what different hospitals will charge for the same procedure and perhaps allow you to negotiate with the hospital.

For example, the snippet above shows what California hospitals charge for a Chest Pain.

The data can be sorted in many different ways.

Also check NYTimes to search for hospital charges using a map.

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