May 16, 2013

How NewEgg Won Against Alcatel Patent Trolling

How NewEgg won against Alcatel patent trolling.

ArsTechnica has a good report on how NewEgg won strongly against Alcatel-Lucent’s patent trolling

NewEgg’s Lee Cheng 
At trial in East Texas, Cheng took the stand to tell Newegg's story. Alcatel-Lucent's corporate representative, at the heart of its massive licensing campaign, couldn't even name the technology or the patents it was suing Newegg over.

"Successful defendants have their litigation managed by people who care," said Cheng. "For me, it's easy. I believe in Newegg, I care about Newegg. Alcatel Lucent, meanwhile, they drag out some random VP—who happens to be a decorated Navy veteran, who happens to be handsome and has a beautiful wife and kids—but the guy didn't know what patents were being asserted. What a joke.

This is how Alcatel-Lucent has operated over the years.  

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