May 30, 2013

MicroDrones, German Railway’s Anti-Graffiti Drones

MicroDrones, German Railway’s anti-graffiti drones.


MicroDrones provides small drones (1 Kg), which can be used in a variety of drone applications. The video cameras, sensors are mounted on the drones. The drone then flys the equipment around.

The drones fly for about 88 minutes, upto 25 miles and upto 150 m in height. They can fly autonomously (using MicroDrones GPS navigation) or controlled via a remote control.

The MicroDrone’s cost - EUR 60,000 per drone.

Per BBC German Railways, Deutsche Bahn, will use them in anti-graffiti operations with infrared cameras mounted on the drones. Per PopSci, the drones to be used are made by MicroDrones.

Drones are useful for video monitoring of remote areas where fixed security cameras cannot be placed or to supplement security cameras to get a fuller view of the area during any incidents.


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