June 2, 2013

DroneShield to Detect Drones Nearby

If you are worried about drones invading your privacy, how to detect drones nearby then DroneShield may be for you. DroneShield is intended to detect small drones nearby by picking and analyzing their audio signature.

DroneShield is raising funds on Indiegogo to complete the project. The initial DroneShield price - $69 for a fully assembled hardware.

An interesting project but it’ll face the limitations of “hearing” and detecting audio in real-world conditions (a somewhat similar problem faced by Siri and Google Voice). It just may work if there are lots of DroneShield’s scattered around the area that you want to monitor, improving the chances of capturing the drone’s audio signature.

And, perhaps, DroneShield should build an app to detect drones (iOS, Android) - all of the functions of capturing audio and analyzing the signature could be done on the phone.

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