July 10, 2013

Keith Smith on Reasons for Soaring Hospital Bills in US

Keith Smith on reasons for soaring hospital bills in the US.

Surgery Center of Oklahoma not only lists its surgery prices online, its founder Keith Smith shares the reasons for soaring hospital bills in the US, for example 
Hospitals make money on everything they do. Remember, they make money when they claim they lose money, making more money, the more losses they claim. They have claimed for years that their emergency rooms lose money, yet there is a crane in front of almost every ER, building on. Wouldn’t you build on to your loss leader? They have even commissioned studies to show that their ER’s lost money, but the money generated from the surgeries and diagnostic studies generated from the emergency room patients has always been mysteriously eliminated from these revenue calculations. Reason magazine journalist, Jim Epstein discovered that our online prices were actually less than what Medicaid pays the area hospitals for the same services

More reasons for high hospital bills can be seen at Keith Smith’s blog.

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