July 29, 2013

New Home Security: Canary, Camiolog

Are you looking for home security for your home? Add new home security services such as Canary and Camiolog to services you may wish to consider.

Canary plans to sell a $250 device for home security. The device integrates temperature and humidity sensors together with a fixed-IP camera (Canary is not available yet, it is still raising funds for its project on IndieGoGo).

Canary is self-monitored home security – you monitor your home on your own (and, perhaps get your friends to monitor your home). No 24/7 monitoring from a professional service.

Canary looks like a nice design that will enhance your home d├ęcor. It seems to have well-integrated apps for iOS and Android which will make it easy to use the system.

Each Canary monitors one indoor location. So, if you had 4 locations to monitor, you would need 5 Canary devices. Canary cannot be used for outdoors locations. It is only designed for indoors.

Canary Pluses
A simple, well-designed gadget that will meet the need of many (It has generated strong interest from consumers on IndieGoGo). Canary is best suited for self-monitoring a single (which keeps the costs low) location e.g. a small apartment.

Canary Minuses
Canary is not available yet.

Canary offers a limited set of features and no option for a professional 24/7 monitoring (yet).

Alternatives to Canary
Alternatives to Canary include large home security services (ADT Pulse, Vivint, Xfinity Home, AT&T Digital Life, Alarm.com and more) that provide more comprehensive home security and automation including 24/7 monitoring. They already serve millions of customers

Alternatives also include well-designed self-monitoring home security services such as SimpliSafe and DropCam.

Other alternatives include the granddaddy’s of home IP-camera’s - Panasonic, Axis (and more) – that already sell to millions of customers.

Where Canary wants to sell you an integrated IP-camera with alerts, Camiolog wants to sell you a service that produces better alerts from the video generated by the IP-cameras (with better motion-detection).

The cost $17/month for the service and $300 for each IP-camera (outdoors) if you choose to buy the cameras from

Camiolog is not only attempting to solve a difficult problem (intelligent motion-detection) but by offering a narrow feature, it will make it that much more difficult for consumers to pick Camiolog over other home security alternatives.

The lure of the home security keeps attracting new entrants. The logic goes –
  • Every household has felt the need for home security at some point
  • There are 100 million+ households in US alone.
    (that does not even account for Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and other parts of the world)
  • Imagine if you could sell a $50/month service to a small fraction of these households – say to 500,000 customers.
    You would have a $25 million/month revenue stream ($300m/year)
  • Party Time!

Except there are many more hurdles to cross before you could get even a tiny fraction of even (say) 500,000 customers.

Home security is a notoriously slow moving market. Consumers will not act unless there is a perfect solution for their home security needs and the cost is low. And the incumbents are not standing still.


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