September 18, 2013

Google Search Takes 8 seconds, Bing Instantaneous

Google Search takes 8 seconds while Bing is instantaneous.

Do a Google Search in Chrome and you find it takes 8 seconds or sometimes 20 seconds to return the results.

The reason – a silly Foucault Pendulum animation on Google’s home page (shown above). The pendulum has to stop swinging before Google will return any results.

Google believes it has to waste all of its users time with these useless animations.

If you are wondering how to disable Google home page animations - disable Javascript for all Google websites in Chrome.


Settings > Advanced Settings > Content Settings

Then under Manage Exceptions, disable Javascript for [*.]

Although this is not the right solution. Disabling Javascript will also disable many other Google services.

Google Chrome and Google Search teams are degrading Google’s quality and usability.

Bing Search returns results instantaneously for the same search.

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