April 22, 2014

How to Boost iOS Battery Life

If you find yourself recharging your iPhone, iPad frequently here are a few simple steps on how to extend battery life of iOS device.

These steps will help increase the time between recharges, they will not extend the lifespan of the battery i.e. when the battery itself goes bad and needs to be replaced.

1)     If available, use WiFi instead of LTE or 4G.
Settings > WiFi > On

While accessing Internet, checking email etc, using WiFi consumes less power than using LTE or 4G

2)     Whenever not needed, keep Location Services off
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off

If the iPhone/iPad GPS is On (e.g. for Maps or other app), it keeps consuming power continuously draining your iOS device battery

3)     Disable Push Notifications for any services where it is not needed
Settings > Notifications Center

Badge App Icon = Off
Show in Notification Center = Off
Show on Lock Screen = Off

Push Notification for any service generates ongoing activities which will consume power.

4)     Turn Airplane Mode On if you don’t plan to use the phone for some time or if you are in an area with poor network.
Settings > Airplane Mode

If left On, the various radios on the iOS device (phone, GPS, data etc) constantly consume power.

5)     Turn on Auto-Brightness
Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Auto-Brightness

6)     When away from WiFi, turn off iCloud syncing
Settings > iCloud

Turn off all services

7)     If you are listening to music, use the audio-only option whenever available rather than playing audio and video e.g. YouTube.

Playing video will drain a lot more of the iOS battery than just playing audio.

8)     When not needed, turn off iTunes Automatic Downloads
Settings > iTunes & App Store

turn off all Automatic Downloads

9)     When not needed, turn off Facebook and other apps which update automatically in the background.

The activity caused by these automatic updates drains the iOS battery.

10)  Finally, don’t let the iOS device heat up e.g. by leaving it exposed to the Sun or leaving it in a hot car. Heat degrades the battery life.


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